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About Medical Plastics

Medical Plastics, formerly called Monaghan Plastics has been manufacturing in Auckland for more than 40 years. We have extensive experience in the production of cutting-edge, modern, technical medical products. We manufacture and assemble high quality, precision medical components in a clean environment

Managing Director, John Fowler has a background working in procurement and product development for a large Healthcare corporate. Our team are totally focused on quality and constant innovation in everything we do.  Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

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Mitre Peak Story

Mitre Peak is a prominent and well-known peak on the south shore of Milford Sound, in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.  We chose this imagery to represent Medical Plastics because it is pristine, untouched and in a remote part of the world. It’s striking appearance relates to our fresh clean product manufacturing from virgin or untouched materials for the medical market.